Artisan Treads

Artisan Treads are ideal for use as wall caps, step treads, and fireplace hearths. They are rockfaced on all 4 ends with a natural cleft top, and they are available in a variety of sizes and colors (see chart for details). With excellent durability and natural weathering characteristics, they are the perfect choice for long-lasting outdoor step treads and wall caps. If you need a specific size, custom cutting and rockfacing is also available.

Autumn Brown
Appalachian Grey
Tennessee Tan

Available Treads

Artisan Treads are available in 2" calibrated thickness in a variety of sizes. A chart of available sizes and colors is provided.

Tread Sizes & Colors
Autumn Brown
Appalachian Grey
Tennnessee Tan
12" x 48"
12" x 72"
14" x 72"
16" x 72"
18" x 72"
20" x 84"
24" x 84"