Classic Flagstone

Our Classic Flagstone features natural cleft tops, hand-cut rockfaced edges, and hand-split bottoms. Each piece is minimally processed for a natural appearance and low cost. Since the bottoms of each piece are not calibrated or sawn, the thickness ranges from 15 to 25mm, and variances in thicknesses are compensated for by varying the thickness of the mortar bed.

Classic Flagstone is available in 2 attractive color blends and is packaged in Type B Patio Packs, which are pre-blended pallets with a selection of mixed sizes. Partial patio packs can also be purchased. A mix of all sizes will be created to match the total requested square footage (+/- 2 square feet).


Patio Pack Type B

Type B Patio Packs can be installed in a "random" fashion in which there is no repeating pattern, or they can easily be installed in a repeating pattern. One potential repeating pattern is shown which makes effective use of the pieces in Type B Patio Packs (some sawing required). Type B Patio Packs cover a total area of 144 square feet. Details about the piece quantities in each pack are shown below.

Patio Pack Type B

Piece Size
Quantity in Pack
Square Footage
12" x 12" 10 Pieces 10 sq. ft.
12" x 24" 11 Pieces 22 sq. ft.
24" x 24" 13 Pieces 52 sq. ft.
24" x 36" 10 Pieces 60 sq. ft.

Available Colors



Type B: Repeating Pattern

Type B PDF