Artisan Series

Products in our Artisan Series feature natural cleft tops and hand-cut rockfaced edges, capturing the essence of a traditional natural flagstone patio or walkway. They have calibrated bottoms for consistent thickness from piece to piece. They are the ideal blend of quality, durability, and affordability.

ArtisanCut Series

Like our Artisan Flagstone, ArtisanCut Flagstone features a natural cleft top and calibrated bottom for easy installation. Unlike regular Artisan Flagstone, the ArtisanCut Series features cut edges, allowing for smoother and more consistent mortar joints.

Signature Series

Products in our Signature Series feature sawn tops with a luxurious lightly textured finish. Some products in our Signature Series feature sawn edges, and some feature hand-cut rockfaced edges. They have sawn bottoms for consistent thickness and easy installation.

Classic Series

Products in our Classic Series feature natural cleft tops, hand-cut rockfaced edges, and hand-split bottoms. Classic Series products are minimally processed for the lowest possible cost, making them an excellent choice when project budget is a concern.