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Statement of Warranty

Old World Flagstone is a selection of premium natural stone products. To make Old World Flagstone, high-quality sections of natural stone are selected and processed to form products that are consistent in size, style, and finish. The natural composition of Old World Flagstone products is not modified during processing.
Because Old World Flagstone products are naturally created, their composition cannot be controlled or altered during processing, and there is no warranty relating to the composition or longevity of Old World Flagstone products. Certain imperfections should be expected in all Old World Flagstone products, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Variations in color, including veining and spotting
  • Variations in cleft, including occasional spalling and pitting
  • Mineral deposits that could cause future discoloration
  • Weak points that could result in stress cracking over time
Every effort is made to select products that have minimal visual imperfections, but some imperfections should still be expected in every piece, and some imperfections that may result in future problems may not be visible on the surface of the product.
Exposure to sunlight may result in fading of the surface colors of Old World Flagstone products. Some fading over time is expected for any natural or manufactured product that is exposed to sunlight on a regular basis.
Weathering and site conditions can cause oxidation and discoloration in natural stone products. As mineral content in the stone oxidizes, mineral patches, dark spots, and rust spots may appear. Algae and other organic growths may form on any natural stone as a result of the local environmental conditions and moisture levels. Trees and other vegetation that are adjacent to natural stone may create droppings that can discolor the stone. As a result of these factors, periodic cleaning is necessary to maintain the beauty of Old World Flagstone products. The frequency and intensity of required cleaning may vary depending on actual site conditions.

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