Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of natural stone?
Natural stone has more variety in color and texture than manufactured products. It has a more durable surface than most manufactured products, and it generally retains more beauty as it ages than comparable manufactured concrete products.
How long does natural stone last?
Natural stone will last indefinitely. Many ancient structures around the world are made using natural stone.
How does natural stone hold up in the U.S. climate?
Natural stone has been used for interior and exterior applications for centuries in the United States. Old World Flagstone products are extremely durable, and when properly installed, they can be expected to last for many years without any undesirable degradation. Proper installation is very important to ensure long product life.
Can custom sizes be ordered?
Custom sizes can generally be ordered with a minimum purchase of 1 pallet. Custom orders typically arrive in 10-14 weeks, but they can sometimes be delayed by weather or customs inspections. We can also custom cut and rockface many of our standard products.
Can natural stone be dry-laid over a stone base?
Old World Flagstone can be dry-laid on a stone base, but installation over a poured concrete pad is preferred. If it is installed on a stone base, it is very important that the base is properly drained and does not retain water. Because the stone can wick water from the base below, rust spots and discoloration may occur for installations over a stone base. For base preparation, we recommend adhering to the ICPI installation recommendations for concrete pavers. For bedding the slabs, we recommend the use of a 1/8" to 3/16" clean stone. It is important that the bedding material is free from foreign minerals that could potentially stain the stone.
Can Type S or Type N Mortars be used in the setting bed?
Type S and Type N mortars are not recommended for use in the setting bed when installing natural flagstone. Portland cement or thinset mortars intended for use with natural flagstone are preferred. Always check with the manufacturer of the mortar or cement product to determine whether it is suitable for your application.
Are there recommended patterns for installation?
Natural flagstone can be installed in a repeating pattern or a random fashion with no repeating pattern. One of our patio packs (Patio Pack A) has a mix of pieces that are well-suited for random installations. Two of our patio packs (Patio Pack B and Patio Pack C) have a mix of pieces that are well-suited for repeating patterns. You can also create your own random or repeating pattern.
Should natural stone be sealed?
Generally, sealers should not be used for any Old World Flagstone products. Under normal conditions, they do not need to be sealed to maintain durability. If you wish to use a sealer, please consult the sealer manufacturer to confirm that it is suitable for use with natural sandstone and limestone in your specific application. Before using any sealer, we recommend first testing it on an uninstalled piece to confirm that it meets your expectations. Responsibility for the performance of any sealer rests with the user and the manufacturer of the sealer.
How can natural stone be cleaned?
Old World Flagstone can be cleaned using a mild detergent and water with a stiff bristle brush. It can also be gently pressure washed; however, care must be taken to ensure that the surface of the stone is not damaged. Acids, solvents, and harsh cleaners should not be used on Old World Flagstone. Acids can react with the minerals in the stone and cause discoloration. There are several cleaners that can be used to remove rust spots and oxidation. When cleaning, always test the cleaner on a small section before using it on your entire project.
Can natural stone be used around saltwater pools?
Because salt water may have a deteriorating effect on stone, paver, and concrete surfaces over long term exposure, we advise against using any natural flagstone or concrete products around saltwater pools.
Can ice melt products be used on natural stone?
We recommend that you avoid using high concentrations of rock salt or similar ice melt products on Old World Flagstone products. If an area must be de-iced, a product intended for safe use on concrete is recommended.
Are rust marks expected on the stone?
Rust marks may appear on stones as a result of oxidization of the naturally occurring iron in the stones. These rust marks are a natural phenomenon and may occur in isolated situations. In most cases, rust marks are small and do not negatively influence the overall appearance of the project. The frequency of rust marks can generally be reduced by installing the stone over a poured concrete base and ensuring that the area is well-drained.
Special note for Artisan Series Appalachian Grey, ArtisanCut Series Grey Mist, and Classic Series Grey products: These stone products may exhibit increased oxidation when exposed to sustained high levels of moisture or acid.
How consistent is the color of the stone?
All natural stone products will have some variations in color. Some color blends will generally be more consistent, and some color blends (e.g. Tennessee Tan) will generally have more extreme variations. Some veining is expected in all products, and occasional rust spots and black spots are expected in all products. These variations, including mineral deposits, are expected and are considered to be part of the beauty of natural stone.
Will natural stone fade over time?
Some fading over time is expected for any product (natural or manufactured) that is exposed to sunlight and the elements. Old World Flagstone products are predominantly high quality sandstone and are less prone to fading than some other types of stone. Darker colored products will generally fade more than lighter colored ones.
Is Old World Flagstone ethically sourced?
Yes. The quarries are free of child labor and bonded labor. Most of the quarries are certified and regularly audited to ensure that they are in compliance with strict labor and safety protocols. Many also maintain social and environmental welfare initiatives.
Is there a warranty?
Please see our statement of warranty for more information.


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